Christopher Greene of AMTV

AMTV is a grassroots media channel entirely supported by our subscribers! We feature a variety of content focused on media, faith and personal growth. Christopher is the founder of the 🔑AMTV Course Academy with tens-of-thousands of students worldwide. Our recent addition 🐠Social Media & E-commerce has also been a smashing success!

Christopher Greene started AMTV in 2009 when he decided to quit his job as a broker at Merrill Lynch. After witnessing the collapse of global stock markets in 2008 and seeing just how badly it had devastated millions of people, he decided it was time to take action and do something positive! He started making videos online and now travels the world as a digital nomad, speaker and motivator.

We have quickly grown to 650,000+ YouTube subscribers, made national television appearances and received millions of video views around the world. Christopher is regularly cited online and in print media, covered live events such as BlockShow Asia Singapore and interviewed celebrities like Steve Forbes, John Bolton and Jim Rogers. ‘Hard-hitting and in your face!

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