In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV interviews the legendary Jim Rogers.

We’ve interviewed all types of people over the years from titans of industry to heads of state. We are proud to have our interview with acclaimed investor and author Jim Rogers in our all time top ten list.

Sitting down with Jim Rogers in Singapore, Christopher reported a unique perspective on the coming zero percent interest rates, quantitative easing and general overall market health. “New York is a third world airport”, Mr. Rogers said when comparing the infrastructures of the United States and the rapidly expanding Asian economies. “That’s probably the last shot (up)” he notes at 3:34 into the interview expanding on his prediction for markets continuing to push higher.

Christopher asked Jim several questions about oil. Rogers goes on to point out the fracking boom of a few years prior and how as international oil reserves fall, prices will rise. Shale producers are in a pinch and need a higher dollar per barrel price when they used to “write anyone who can spell ‘fracking’ a check for $10,000,000” Rogers jokingly points out 4:44 in the video.

When speaking about the 2008 debt crisis Rogers points out how debt has skyrocketed and that “people 10 years ago couldn’t have conceived banks could have increased their balance sheet 500%”

At 7:15 Mr. Rogers says, “I’m wildly bullish on blockchain” and his historical viewpoint on the technology and what it could mean for the exchange of goods and services really gives you something to think about. He believes the government will eventually be in charge of cryptocurrencies, but also pointed out the crypto guys “think they’re smarter than the government, and they are!”

Mr. Rogers, who has lived in Asia for over ten years, sees the Chinese as controlling the 21st century and points out the growing relationship between the Russians and Chinese. When Christopher asked his take on the Russian election interference he replied, “it didn’t change my vote.”

Christopher asked about the possibility of a future Pearl Harbor event Mr. Rogers pointed out that trade wars can never be won and “trade wars frequently turn into real wars.” He see’s the Chinese and Americans working together an ideal situation, but that it is probably wishful thinking and easier said than done.

When asked about gold, Mr. Rogers says he owns gold and said at some point gold will go through the roof. “Could we see something crazy like $10,000 an ounce?” Christopher asks, ” You pick the number, I’m not smart enough” Rogers replies, “what you can do is watch AMTV.”

We live in a changing world and Jim Rogers’ knack for staying ahead of the curve is exactly why we have him coming in our top ten list. We’ve made thousands of videos and this is one interview you should not miss!