life-reliance-logo-1428896674Life is uncertain, emergencies can come due to a job lost, natural disasters or even an economic collapse. Anything can happen. Be prepared. Life Reliance provides you and your family the insurance you need to be ready for any emergency.

Freeze dried food has the longest shelf life of any other kind of food storage, 25 to 30 years. And Life Reliance only carries the best brands; Legacy and Mountain House, both known for quality, taste and value.

Life Reliance also helps you become self-reliant by offering high quality heirloom seed storage packages, water purification systems, water storage and many other common sense emergency supplies.

One of the most important things to be prepared with is water storage and filtration. Life Reliance has bulk water storage that lasts for over 5 years, water storage and stabilization tablets. To survive any emergency water is a necessity.

Be prepared and feel safe and ready for any emergency with the right supplies. Life Reliance can help! The founders of Life Reliance were concerned about the current economic and world problems and wanted to be prepared. We want to extend that help to you. We have carefully selected the right products to help your preparedness with the best quality we could find for emergency foods and storage.

With everything from food and water storage to bulk seeds, Life Reliance has what you need to be ready for any emergency. We are always looking for the right products and will continue to do so to make sure you have the highest quality with the right items to help you be prepared.


Current Specials

001.)  AMTV Special Starter Kit

Three of our best selling items all in one package and all at one special price. Get a 4 Person Elite Survival Kit, the 183-serving Mega Sample Pack and Mountain House Apple Crisp. Sale good for a limited time! BUY NOW.




12.)   Life Reliance Family of 4 Emergency Kit

Buy one 4 Person 72 hour 2,000 Calorie per day Kit from Legacy Premium plus 2 Emergency Survival Bottles and get 2 more Emergency Survival Bottles for free. This water bottle holds a first aid kit, a blanket, a handy survival whistle and a poncho, just to name a few. BUY NOW.




23.)  Life Reliance Monthly Food Storage Plan

Sign up for your Monthly Food Storage Plan and save big! Over $1000 is savings Over 1,000 servings just $249 per month for 12 months and you get a complete 8 month supply of Food Storage No other Food Storage company offers anything like this. Nobody! Make your first payment of only $249 and get started today. BUY NOW.



34.)  Life Reliance Family Emergency Supply

Everything a family needs to weather a storm, of any kind. Includes food, water, shelter, personal care, first aid and cooking and heating fuel. BUY NOW.







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Several years ago I had purchased two buckets of freeze dried food sold by another brand for my home emergency storage. Like so many others I did not even try the food to find out if my family even liked the taste. I just put the buckets up in the closet and forgot about them. When we became resellers for Legacy Foods I had to find out how the two products compared. I will not disclose the other brand but I will tell you that the other brand is a major supplier of freeze dried foods. One evening I had the owners of our retail store location; Lock Stock and Barrel, along with my family to do a taste test between Legacy foods and the brand that I had bought several years ago. I will tell you that there was no contest. Hands down everyone agree that the Legacy products not only offered larger amounts per package but tasted much better than the other brand. If fact my kids would not eat the items that I had cooked from the other company. The kids did enjoy the Legacy foods. It is important that what you buy for food storage is going to be foods that your family will like. In an emergency there is enough stress already. Having to eat food that does not taste good just adds to that stress. So make sure that the food you buy is right for your family. That is why I encourage you to do the taste challenge yourself. And send us your own results. We will are looking for testimonials from our customers to add to this page.

Thank you, Robert Ishoy


I can’t stress enough how important emergency food storage is to you and your family. Preparedness is key to any family survival plan. PERIOD. I have been extremely impressed with Life Reliance serving the needs of my family and like the fact they are local and family owned. Please consider Life Reliance today for your next food storage purchase.

All the best, Christopher Greene