In Today’s Video Christopher Greene reports, Economic Collapse 2019.

The deep state has not only declared war on your mind, but also your soul. Beginning early next year, chips implanted into the human brain will begin clinical trials. Our free will and rights are slowly eroding from beneath our feet as politicians chip away (no pun intended) at the foundation upon which our society was built.


The chip is nothing more than a trojan horse. They will first introduce it as a medical device, freeing those suffering from the worst of disabilities, but it’s their way in. Once we’re all indoctrinated you won’t be able to contribute to society without your chip. The Orwellian world is already here and they’re implementing a process of desensitizing and brainwashing us over a period of time.

Good luck trying to buy something without a bank card or try getting a job without an email address. We’re already on our way there. Ten years ago we couldn’t have dreamed we’d be arguing about the number of genders or even having a conversation on the topic, but they’re intentionally throwing human biology out the window.  They’re setting us up so an implant in your brain sounds like no big deal.

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Once you take the chip you will be eternally separated from God. Your free will won’t exist anymore. You will be controllable in an instant and programmed to do their bidding. The goal has always been to get in your head. Why do you think you are bombarded with propaganda and subliminal messaging all day? Because they aren’t in  your mind…..yet.

At AMTV we believe God, goodness and hope will prevail, but we must fight back. WE CANNOT SIT DOCILE AND LET THIS HAPPEN!! THERE IS A WAR FOR YOUR SOUL!