In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV interviews the legendary Steve Forbes.

Christopher Greene sat down with publishing executive and former Republican Presidential Candidate Steve Forbes in a candid interview to speak on the state and future of the economy and political landscape. Making our top ten list of content throughout the years is this hard-hitting interview you don’t want to miss.

“The election is Trump’s to lose.” Forbes says just 3:25 into the interview and as we look back, he was definitely correct about a lot in this interview. It was Trump’s election to lose and Steve Forbes was seeing the political landscape crystal clear. From Comey to Hillary, Steve Forbes has a unique perspective and opinion and tells it like it is. “She would have ankle bracelets”, he replied when Christopher asked if Hillary Clinton should see jail time at 6:52 in the video.

The publishing tycoon hit the nail on the head predicting Mike Pence as the Vice President pick and gives us insight into Donald Trump the man. Though friends with President Trump, he did disagree on then Candidate Trump’s stance on import tax and immigration.

Speaking on social tension and its connection to currency and trust of the people, Mr. Forbes is able to untangle some complicated issues. We’re in an interconnected world of trade, culture and information and his views on America’s place mirrors many of the same beliefs voters held that put Donald Trump in The White House.

From Ukraine to Iraq, Syria to Afghanistan, Steve Forbes had great ideas and foresight on how to handle some of the most delicate foreign policy issues in an ever changing world. From oil to Iran and Saudi Arabia Steve Forbes gives us the skinny on some of today’s biggest news almost like he’s using a crystal ball.

“If we have a vibrant economy here at home, that has reverberations around the world.” He said when speaking about the economy. If he only knew in 2016 how far the Fed was about to push things as we sit a few years later on our way to negative interest rates. “Free markets are free people” he says 33:46 into the interview and his macro-economic stance on the dollar is a reminder of what the United States dollar represents.

Making our Top 10 list this interview with Steve Forbes is a must watch!