In today’s video, Christopher Greene interviews the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee.


Next in the all-time Top 10 AMTV videos is the interview with Litecoin founder Charlie Lee. After graduating from MIT Lee went to work for Google in the 2000’s and became highly interested in Bitcoin and the technology and the new blockchain technology that supported it.

In Las Vegas, Christopher Greene had a chance to interview Lee. “It’s (blockchain) transforming money. It’s a better version of money than we’ve ever seen.” he said when asked how Bitcoin and blockchain is changing the world. “It’s a better financial system than we currently have with fiat currency.”

Lee sold all his Litecoin fearing it was a conflict on interest and though he gets criticized for the move, he believes it is better for Litecoin that he doesn’t own any. When asked about the differences between Bitcoin and Litecoin Lee said, “Litecoin using a different hashing algorithm and doesn’t compete with Bitcoin for miners. It’s faster and has more coins. The idea is to compliment Bitcoin. It’s like Bitcoin’s little brother.”

Bobby Lee believes Bitcoin is a safe-haven asset and is better version of gold. When asked if he thinks a financial correction is coming and if the Federal Reserve is doing a good job Lee said, “with fiat currency there will always be a financial crisis.”

It was a great having the opportunity to interview Bobby Lee and we are honored to have him in the all-time AMTV Top 10.